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Smart LED Wifi Voice/Mobile Device-Controlled Light Bulbs

Smart LED Wifi Voice/Mobile Device-Controlled Light Bulbs

Smart LED Wifi Voice/Mobile Device-Controlled Light Bulbs

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Product Description:

Dimmable and brightening, cool white, warm white, and RGB 16 million variant color changing LED light bulbs that give your home and space vastly more comfortable and dynamic vibes for any occasion. 

  • Need to feel like you have a fire place going while you relax? Need that low-brightness light blue or purple colored cool vibe to relax? No problem. With these Osman Premium Wifi Smart LED Light bulbs, set the colors to give you that vibe and then sit back and enjoy a relaxing coffee while you "netflix n' chill". Done.
  • Need to change just one light bulb or turn one off in other room and leave one on or change different lights in different rooms or all together across your home or space? Need to set a timer? No problem. With our Osman Premium smart LED bulb selection, all of this can be done with one bulb at a time or multiple. Great idea to bundle these bulbs together to create one uniform smart lighting atmosphere for your entire home, single room, bedroom room, office, living room, kitchen, or any space within your home, to get the perfect vibes and comfort going for the occasion. 
  • No UV, no Infrared Radiation, eco-friendly, and energy efficient, providing well over 50,000 hours of use per bulb.

Compatible with Alexa, Google, iOS, and Android. Connect it to whichever of these smart home applications you are utilizing in your home and you are good to go.

  • You no longer need to worry about having an extra cumbersome remote control coming with your light bulbs just to be able to control it. Control everything using your wifi connection and the comfort and accessibility of your smart phone. 
  • Moreover, you may integrate these light bulbs further for voice controls if you have a compatible smart home set-up like Google Nest or Amazon Echo. With this premium bulb selection you wouldn't even need to lift a finger and can turn these lights on, off, or change it to any color you want, using only your voice.


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